14 December, 2018

Blockchain Innovation Forum

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Founder and Director of PAC Blockchain and Digital Advisory Chris Weddle was honoured to be invited to be one of the panellists in the Government of South Australia Blockchain Innovation Challenge forum held on 12th December 2018.

The sold out event had 5 guest panellists from different industries, including education, legal, blockchain development, technical security services, and cyber compliance, were invited to express their own insights, thoughts and perspectives towards Blockchain.

Barbara Vrettos, the Legal Forecast and Adelaide Blockchain enthusiast, said that legal complexities for Blockchain still exist, however, legislation is constantly being introduced and reviewed. She also stated that Blockchain engagement should not just be technology, but an integrated ecosystem consisting of social, economic, governance, and other factors that continue to grow the technology collaboratively.

Chris Weddle, the founder and director of PAC Blockchain and Digital Advisory, a successful entrepreneur, has been building digital capital for over 19 years. PAC is not only an early adopter at the forefront for blockchain technologies, decentralised applications (DApps) and smart contracts, but has aimed to build products that help solve existing problems. The company has recently launched a secure cryptocurrency business wallet – MultiPAC - on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Unido Wallet is a revolution for any business transacting in cryptocurrencies and assets. It’s the only solution to provide a highly secure, easy to use business banking environment for this new asset class. Having developed this incredible Blockchain product, Chris told the audience that he’s confident enough to see that Blockchain can be widely adopted by various industries and sectors. He also foresaw the Blockchain development in South Australia as scalable, and blockchain solutions can be used to solve many more commercial problems.

Derek Grocke from CyberOps, who is conducting technical security services, believed that there were still problems to be solved for Blockchain before greater adoption, such as what value proposition is viable for blockchain. He was also confident to see more Blockchain development to happen in South Australia in the near future.

Audiences were excited to ask questions about Blockchain and all five panellists answered these based on their unique insights and knowledge during the short Q&A session. The forum was concluded soon after by Derek with the sentiment, “The key to flourish Blockchain in South Australia is to build a well-connected and sustainable Blockchain ecosystem”.



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