14 February, 2019

STOs …making way to outpace ICOs and become prevalent in 2019

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STOs are expected to become the mainstream of Blockchain investment in 2019.


What is an STO?


A security token offering (STO) is an evolution of the ICO concept. It’s a more secure way to raise capital using cryptocurrency and combines the “crowd funding” benefits of initial coin offerings with the strength of regulated financial securities.


During 2018, the booming ICO market suffered under intense scrutiny from regulators around the world. In contrast, STO’s are fully compliant with local regulatory frameworks. They offer transparency and provide investors with the usual protections offered when acquiring a security. STO’s are shaping up to act like a bridge between the traditional financial model and the new technology - blockchain.


STOs is backed by tangible items or assets such as profit or revenue in a company, a physical asset or other structure which can be leveraged as an investment. High liquidity, the ability to turn into cash and a way to enter new technology investments are among the many features of security tokens.


With the advent of Security Tokens, the change of influx of liquid assets could change the global financial market and the world economy drastically by tokenising illiquid assets such as real estate, collectables and art into liquid assets. Once the security token ecosystem is ready and there is demand in the market, it becomes possible to make illiquid assets liquid in a coffee break time! Find out more about how STOs work here: https://www.pac-blockchain.com/security-token-offerings/.


PAC’s STO platform - PICO - is a complete technical toolset for conducting compliant securities offerings with a network of services designed to lower operating costs. To find out more, please visit https://www.pac-blockchain.com/pico-ico-sto-platform/.


PAC’s team of finance, technical and marketing experts can provide advice and guidance on how to structure a compliant STO for maximum return.


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