13 September, 2018

An all encompassing blockchain energy solution delivering a currency underpinned by necessity

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SpotEnergy is an all-encompassing, blockchain, energy solution. It delivers a digital currency, backed by a global necessity (ENERGY), who also uses blockchain technology to take the dynamics of a P2P shared economy to the energy market. SpotEnergy is uti

The ultimate goal for SpotEnergy is to rapidly move the world towards a more sustainable model of distributed and renewable electricity derived from multiple sources rather than major providers.
SpotEnergy’s platform will support the development of renewable energy projects globally and assist to turn on the lights for the estimated 1 billion people on the planet still living in darkness.

The Green, Brown and Future Tokens

Two tokens comprise SpotEnergy, SpotToken and kW$ (ElectroDollar ($kWh)), forming the basis of the future of decentralised global energy markets.
Not only is SpotToken the backbone of the system, but kW$ is also the first known currency denominated in electricity. These two tokens are pertinent, SpotToken maintains a decentralised ledger that records the green credentials of energy at the time of introduction to the exchange and ongoing rights and obligations of parties transacting on the exchange; and kW$ is imbued with 5 different environmental grades of coin deliverable over multiple time periods. kW$ currency empowers consumers, equipping them with the knowledge necessary to make environmentally informed choices when purchasing electricity, both now and into the future.

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