Multi Signature Wallets - MultiPAC

Decentralised Business Wallet

MultiPAC is a decentralised, lightweight and highly secure business wallet application. Many of the existing wallet solutions are not robust enough to be used by multi-level organisations. They need a wallet that can provide high levels of security by requiring multiple signatures, varying levels of access and usage rights, and requiring robust authentication. There are very few wallets which provide these business features. 


Built from the ground up, the private key security algorithm provides an exceptionally efficient solution to secure the wallet.

With the decentralised storage of private keys  the cryptocurrency accounts are secured and distributed amongst the users of the business accounts. Even with a single user, the two factor authentication locks accounts to a device creating a truly versatile wallet application.


MultiPAC’s core distributed signing technology ensures that users maintain control of their accounts at all times with lower fees than the competition.

PAC has been developing this technology in-house as a unique initiative to solve existing problems with blockchain architecture. It can be downloaded as an app and used for free for personal users, with a small fee being added on each transaction for business wallet use. Currently in early prototype, MultiPAC is expected to launch Q4 2018.


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