PAC is an Australian based blockchain developer and full service advisory

PAC is a first mover and a premier provider of blockchain powered solutions in this large and rapidly growing market. PAC's mission is to create decentralised applications which can be used across global markets while generating revenue for our partners and clients.

Trusted Investment Opportunities

Our mandate is to curate the best-of-breed STO/ICO opportunities which are compliant with regulations, have a well-founded business models and a demonstrated ability to execute.

Get your business ready for the next wave of transformation

PAC has partnerships to support the development of Blochchain DApps to be used by corporations, governments and organisations across the globe.

We are working on developments in industries which have immediate needs for blockchain-powered solutions. Our services include:

Enterprise consulting with a focus on banking, accounting, finance, energy and utilities. Our consultants provide blockchain education for executives and IT personnel as well as blockchain infrastructure to help companies understand DApps/blockchain and what it means to their current and future business models.

Our product development team is involved in the creation of IP to help build the next generation of foundation applications for blockchain technology.

Our Work



An all-encompassing Blockchain energy trading system – delivering a currency underpinned by necessity.



Empowering organisations to control access to infrastructure and assets securely using Blockchain.

Property Bay

Property Bay

Large-scale tourism developments for Blockchain investment.



The power of blockchain for the realestate industry - allowing issuers to reach a global pool of investors.



PAC and EMMI are developing a blockchain based system for Carbon emissions and accountability.



MODA is a blockchain loyalty program for the hospitality sector. ICO coming in Q1 2019.

PAC provides Blockchain and Software Development to power the next generation of advanced Distributed Apps

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Latest Blog Posts

14 December, 2018

Blockchain Innovation Forum

Founder and Director of PAC Blockchain and Digital Advisory Chris Weddle was honoured to be invited to be one of the panellists in the Government of South Australia Blockchain Innovation Challenge forum held on 12th December 2018.


16 November, 2018

MultiPAC Pre-launch

A big thank you for all who attended the MultiPAC pre-launch event last week! Great event, good company and valued feedback!


18 October, 2018

PAC + Konkrete - first ASIC compliant STO

As of 17th October, Konkrete is officially Australia’s first blockchain venture undertaking a fully regulated public token offer, instead of an ICO!


13 September, 2018

Crowdfund Your Home Deposit or Release Equity From Your Existing Property

Konkrete is excited to announce that the private sale for wholesale/sophisticated investors officially opens on the 16th of September.


Who is PAC?


Building success after success for over 17 years, PAC Blockchain & Digital Advisory (and its related agency businesses) is an powerhouse for software and applications helping enterprises to realise their potential in the online and mobile services sectors.

Our diverse and experienced team spans design, development, programming, marketing, cyber security, finance and business modelling. PAC is equipped to bring your business up to speed and push it to unprecedented growth using the opportunities afforded through this new "decentraliased" blockchain powered landscape.

With a highly experienced team, PAC has expanded into the fields of algorithm design and data structures, advanced algorithms, big data, and data science, distributed systems, large scale data integration, cluster-computing frameworks, data parellelism and fault tolerance, cryptographic algorithms, and decentralised peer-to-peer networks.

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