We build business-grade blockchain DApps

Our solutions unite the power of blockchain with the needs of corporate and institutional clients. We recognize that single point of approval, which is typical with most blockchain DApps, does not address the corporate governance, transparency and risk management requirements of sophisticated organizations.

PAC has developed a deep tech solution to make the final leap in removing these limitations by engineering a decentralized multi-party signing engine: Unido.

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Unido EP

Business wallet for cryptocurrency assets

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Unido Insto

Digital asset custody platform for financial institutions

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An end-to-end solution for your Web3 project

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Security Audits

Lock it down with cyber security

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Case Study

The Emmi logo

"Climate change represents the largest market failure in history"

Lord Stern, Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change, 2006

Emmi leverages blockchain technology to create a secure, trusted, and transparent platform designed to address the key structural and risk issues which currently act to slow down the flow of capital into climate solutions.

The platform, developed by PAC, helps to correct the climate change market failure by identifying, quantifying and pricing climate related risks. The Emmi platform converts robust action on reducing carbon emissions into stronger financial returns at much lower risk.

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Who is PAC?


Building success after success for over 17 years, PAC Blockchain & Digital Advisory (and its related agency businesses) is an powerhouse for software and applications helping enterprises to realise their potential in the online and mobile services sectors.

Our diverse and experienced team spans design, development, programming, marketing, cyber security, finance and business modelling. PAC is equipped to bring your business up to speed and push it to unprecedented growth using the opportunities afforded through this new "decentraliased" blockchain powered landscape.

With a highly experienced team, PAC has expanded into the fields of algorithm design and data structures, advanced algorithms, big data, and data science, distributed systems, large scale data integration, cluster-computing frameworks, data parellelism and fault tolerance, cryptographic algorithms, and decentralised peer-to-peer networks.

Latest Blog Posts

7 June, 2022

Why blockchain is the future of finance and how it affects the global economy

Recent world events have brought to light just how pervasive blockchain technology and crypto are becoming. Blockchain technology is being developed and deployed to serve many use cases, from monitoring cattle from space to running transport in smart citi


6 December, 2021

Welcome to the Unido Web Wallet

Our team at PAC Blockchain, the developer of Unido EP, is excited to announce its brand-new Unido web wallet. We would like to highlight and explain some features of the new Unido web wallet. At the same time, we are also presenting a sneak preview of the


2 September, 2021

Unido 2.0 WEB Platform update on development and features

We'd like to take this opportunity to give an update on the Unido 2.0 Web Platform development and some new features. This includes the introduction of the Unido EP desktop version and a new look for the interface.


2 August, 2021

Unido 2.0 Platform and Other Developments

We're excited to have kicked off the development of the Unido 2.0 Web Platform to allow more rapid and efficient development for Unido mobile apps in the future along with a new transaction governance framework.


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