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Digital asset custodial platform designed for financial institutions

Unido Insto is an end-to-end platform for the custody of digital assets, allowing your business to take control of the security and overall governance of crypto accounts while remaining networked for rapid transfer of funds.

Unido Insto is a patented, deeptech solution which will reduce costs and improve liquidity for your organisation.

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Unido Insto is a patented, deeptech solution that will reduce costs and improve liquidity for your organisation

Simplifying the digital transfer process

The Current Situation

  • Current solutions use cold storage
  • Physical security hinder liquidation
  • Manual processing is slow
  • Cold storage is expensive
  • Crypto trading should be as compliant and efficient as traditional trading

The Unido Insto Solution

  • A 100% software driven, networked solution
    = lower cost of operation
    = asset liquidity
  • Ultimate security
  • Compliant with regulations


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It’s your app.

The unido app is a turnkey solution for any financial services organisation. The system can be branded and expanded as a proven digital touch point providing a custodial digital solution for your audience.

Unido’s API set also allows this functionality to be integrated with your existing business apps.

Software driven custodial platform.

Unido Insto is a complete digital platform for your custodial service business.

Delivered as SaaS or on premise, the system is a complete suite including a customer facing app, customer management system and key vault.

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Future proofed security.

The Customer Management Portal allows you to easily access details on wallet holders, and act to suspend accounts to assist in end user security or comply with regulatory requests.

More oversight with Unido Enterprise

Unido is also the perfect enterprise solution for custodial services. With Unido Enterprise Platform you can manage all of your clients' digital assets and transactions. With the additional Unido Vault Access you can even protect your clients' accounts from inoperability.

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How it works

The transfer of digital assets requires the entire private key for the account.

Unido’s core proprietary algorithm uses multi party computation (MPC) to ensure that the private key is never revealed. This distribution vastly reduces the chances of the key being lost or stolen, and provides a mechanism for multiple signatures, varying levels of access and usage rights -delivering a business banking solution for digital assets.

Using the user signatory portions and the master key portion, the private key is formed and the transaction is fully signed on the blockchain.

Segmented key

Easy asset recovery.

A backup of the customer wallet keys are stored in the UnidoVault.

The Vault is protected within the network and provides a mechanism for the recovery and transfer of digital assets.

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The Unido Range

Multi-signature solution for digital asset management

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Whitelabel custodial management of crypto accounts

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