Unido is a deep tech solution which removes the single point of approval for blockchain transactions – providing a mechanism for corporate governance, transparency and risk management for corporate and institutional clients.

Unido Wallet

Business wallet for cryptocurrency assets

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Unido EP

Digital asset custody platform for financial institutions

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Unido X

Digitised OTC and liquidity solution for trade partners

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Unido Authenticator

Multi-party authentication and signing for blockchain apps

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The transfer of digital assets requires the entire private key for the account.

Unido’s core proprietary algorithm uses multi party computation (MPC) to ensure that the private key is never revealed. This distribution vastly reduces the chances of the key being lost or stolen, and provides a mechanism for multiple signatures, varying levels of access and usage rights - delivering a business solution for digital assets.

Using the user and master key signatory portions, the private key is formed and the transaction is fully signed on the blockchain.

The Unido suite of products focuses on digital assets for corporate and institutional clients: Unido Wallet, Unido EP Custodial Platform and Unido X Trading Platform. The scope for Unido extends well beyond digital assets and can conceivably be deployed for any business need involving open and transparent records, verified by multiple parties. PAC has deployed the Unido engine for client engagements, developing DApps for carbon emissions tracking, customer loyalty and more.

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