Enabling enterprises to manage their on-chain assets

Crypto-native enterprises and asset management firms often struggle to access decentralized finance and manage their crypto assets effectively due to severe limitations in security, governance and accessibility.

Unido addresses these issues, enabling enterprises to securely access DeFi opportunities and seamlessly manage their crypto banking operations.

Unido Enterprise Platform

Enabling enterprises to manage and invest their crypto assets in a seamless, secure and intuitive way.

Product developed in 2018 and already in active pilots with X Neo Banks.

Unido Core

Unido products are underpinned by Unido Core - a proprietary key management & transaction signing technology developed by PAC in 2017 that provides:



Flexible Governance




Centralised Dashboard

An intuitive, central dashboard providing access to a suite of DeFi and crypto banking management tools

DeFi Vault

Multi signature enterprise wallet that acts as a DeFi vault to store, manage and invest crypto assets into an array of leading networks such as UniSwap, Balancer and Yearn Finance

Crypto Banking

Business banking portal enabling enterprises to seamlessly manage their day to day operations and capital expenditure. Features include crypto payments, wallet management and governance customisation

Why Unido?

Customer management portal

Highest security

White label ready

Digital asset recovery

The Unido Range

Multi-signature solution for digital asset management

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Whitelabel custodial management of crypto accounts

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Off-market matching for large scale crypto trading

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Second factor authentication for all of your Unido transactions

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