17 April, 2024

How Cryptocurrency Investigations Impact Divorce Cases

Navigating breakups can be exceptionally challenging, especially when complex assets like cryptocurrencies become part of the equation. Typically, assets acquired during a marriage are considered marital property and thus subject to division.


25 July, 2023

MPC for Self-Custody: How Unido delivers institutional grade security for all users of crypto

At its core, MPC eliminates the concept of singular access to a private key by distributing individual key components among multiple endpoints, such as servers or mobile devices. These key components are physically distributed and never shared data


26 June, 2023

Unido Pre-Series A Round

Unido's secure crypto self-custody solution with distributed wallet ownership, seamless fund sharing, and comprehensive crypto banking tools have caught the attention of VDF Ventures (UK) and TechLAB Innovation Center (Silicon Valley) as the projec


7 June, 2022

Why blockchain is the future of finance and how it affects the global economy

Recent world events have brought to light just how pervasive blockchain technology and crypto are becoming. Blockchain technology is being developed and deployed to serve many use cases, from monitoring cattle from space to running transport in smart citi




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