PAC Blockchain has been designing and developing digital capital since 1998.


Our consultative approach focuses on extending the reach of your organisation, improving management decisions and accelerating the development of new products and services. We're specialists in the development of strategies which will assist your organisation to carefully tread the path towards digital transformation and in so doing mitigate the challenges and harness the opportunities.


We’re also well adept at growing businesses into new markets and demographics by expanding services into the exploding mobile landscape. We offer a three fold solution by upscaling websites to work fluidly across mobile devices, integrate with social media and other mobile APIs, and developing bespoke mobile applications.


We keep track of trends and recognise the importance of the customer experience. We keep this at the forefront of everything we develop, from design to development and to continued support. Studies show that the best way to value a business is to assess customer experience, even users who don’t find what they want will likely return if they have enjoyed the experience.


But we also understand that each business is unique so the services we offer are adaptive and selective, we have a solution to fix all problems - big or small.

Solutions Checklist

  • Membership Systems
  • Document Management
  • Event Management
  • Online Booking
  • Program Management System
  • HR Tools
  • Social Media
  • Strategic Development
  • System Implementation
  • Online Surveys
  • Analysis Tools
  • Project Management
  • Member Communication
  • Appointments
  • CRM Integration
  • Location Monitoring
  • Online Commerce
  • Inventory Management
  • BI Procurement
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Digital Marketing Implementation


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