16 March, 2022

Welcome to the Unido Web Wallet

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Our team at PAC Blockchain, the developer of Unido EP, is excited to announce its brand-new Unido web wallet. We would like to highlight and explain some features of the new Unido web wallet. At the same time, we are also presenting a sneak preview of the


As mentioned in our previous blog, the deployment of the live version of Unido 2.0 is getting closer. The web wallet is just one of the steps for reaching this goal.


Unido Web Wallet


Here are some of the Unido web wallet’s features.

  • At the start of the video, we show the revised login interface for the web wallet. Logging in involves scanning a QR code and confirming the login via your mobile phone.
  • At this moment, there is still a developer sign-in on the UI. This will be removed when the web wallet will see its official public launch.
  • In the dashboard we have a new layout for the wallets and navigation. One feature that immediately attracts attention is the new filter feature. The newly added filter feature is a comprehensive set of tools, allowing you to list wallets by type or other preferred filters, like assets or tags. Since it is quite possible that business users can have dozens or even hundreds of wallets in each account, this filter will be a critical feature.
  • Once you select a wallet and go into the wallet summary screen, you will see more detailed information on the transactions. There is a separate menu to the side, including tags, members, and signatories.
  • The tags are user configurable and allow you to have a brief look up for your favorite wallets.
  • Members and signatories are critical components of the Unido security model and user workflows. It's easy to add or remove members from a wallet, and all these actions are subject to a consensus vote.
  • Important actions, like adding or removing members, changing the number of required signatures, or approving the transaction, will require users to sign in using their mobile phones. This does not require a password on your web wallet. Signing in this way makes the whole process extremely safe and secure.


Security, governance, and the future


With the filter feature as a new add-on, and the popular option of having various members in a wallet, Unido is one more step closer to going live with the new Unido web wallet.


The new Unido web wallet still has the key deliverables of the Unido ecosystem in place, by delivering both security and governance.


For the near future, we will be releasing new videos, including:

  • Managing wallets, addresses, and contracts
  • Business management / treasury management portal

The mobile version of the wallet can be downloaded for iOS or Android versions.


The development of Unido keeps going forward. The whole team is working hard to keep on track with our plans and goals, and we are on schedule with our roadmap. News and updates will be shared regularly.


Watch this space for more updates from the development team coming soon.

Unido to the Moon!

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