PICO ICO is a robust platform designed to support a global ICO effort.

It provides an array of configurable functions “out of the box” to support investor, marketing, governance and administration activity around the ICO process:



Security and Scale

  • PICO ICO is a hardened web platform - security penetration testing conducted on a regular basis
  • Cloud hosting environment with private network option – massive network scale

Investor Tools

  • Unique one-time investor code system to assist in private sale process
  • Investor account registration with embedded workflow for KYC process including document collection
  • Smart contract / hold and release funds pending completion of KYC process
  • Summary AML reporting and data export tools
  • Manual and automated release of investor tokens
  • Wallet integration and Ether wallet generation on-the-fly
  • Multiple methods of crypto currency payments (ETH and BTC by default)
  • Payment gateway integration for investor payments via fiat currency (optional)

PICO ICO Administration Tools

  • KYC dashboard and administration console for KYC auditing
  • Commit and record user responses to legal policies and disclaimers
  • Administration console for investor payment auditing
  • Full Investor CRM

Marketing Tools

  • Wallet generation and transaction tools
  • KYC/AML process, review and account approval process
  • Investor management dashboard
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter feeds
  • Comprehensive API level integration with telegram and the telegram BOT for white listing purposes and KYC assistance
  • Support for multiple user types and dynamic token pricing
  • Affiliate referral program (tracking codes and discount for referral program investors)
  • Integrated email marketing and SMS marketing suite with automated communication
  • One-time voucher codes and redemptions
  • Full content management system


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