The PICO platform is a complete toolset for conducting legally compliant securities offerings with a network of services designed to lower operating costs. 


PICO STO Platform provides an array of configurable functions “out of the box” to support investor, marketing, governance and administration activity around the STO process:




Security and Scale


  • PICO STO Platform is a hardened web platform - security penetration testing conducted on a regular basis
  • Cloud hosting environment with private network option – massive network scale



Investor Tools


  • Unique one-time investor code system to assist in private sale process
  • Investor account registration with embedded workflow for KYC process including document collection
  • Smart contract / hold and release funds pending completion of KYC process
  • Summary AML reporting and data export tools
  • Manual and automated release of investor tokens
  • Wallet integration and Ether wallet generation on-the-fly
  • Multiple methods of fiat and crypto currency payments (ETH and BTC by default)
  • Payment gateway integration for investor payments via fiat currency (optional)



PICO STO Administration Tools


  • KYC dashboard and administration console for KYC auditing
  • Commit and record user responses to legal policies and disclaimers
  • Administration console for investor payment auditing
  • Full Investor CRM



Marketing Tools


  • Wallet generation and transaction tools
  • KYC/AML process, review and account approval process
  • Investor management dashboard
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter feeds
  • Comprehensive API level integration with telegram and the telegram BOT for white listing purposes and KYC assistance
  • Support for multiple user types and dynamic token pricing
  • Affiliate referral program (tracking codes and discount for referral program investors)
  • Integrated email marketing and SMS marketing suite with automated communication
  • One-time voucher codes and redemptions
  • Full content management system





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